Acrylic Colour Range

Jul 27, 2021 | Products

We have a range of acrylic colours that you can choose from! To give you a better idea on what groups of colour we can get check out these images samples below.



We can also get specialty acrylics as well as glitter acrylic, so get in contact with us if you are after something a little more unique.


Pastel Colours

These Pastels are less saturated than primary colors, making them feel light, soft, and calming. Perfect for childrens bedrooms and fun signage.

Pastel Acrylic

Solid Colours

Solid colours can boost sales. You may even uses one or more of these colour in your business logo already! 

Who doesn’t love a pop of colour in there life, whether it be for your business or in your home.

Solid Acrylic Colours

Frosted Colours

Frosted acrylic colour are popular for wedding and event signage. With the sunlight shining though and a beautiful font on top, it looks classy and doesn’t outdate.

Frosted Acrylic

Mirror Acrylic Colours

For those who want to step it up a knotch and really stand out! Mirror acrylic just shouts out GLAMOUR! It can be add subtly or go all out with a bang and have the mirror as the main backing. The ideas are just endless! 

Mirror Acrylic Colours

Earth Tone colours

We are so excited that Earth tone colours are now available. They are certainly trending at the moment in every possible place. From in the home to your business and even at events. It’s definitely something we are excited to work more with.

Earth Tone Colours Acrylic

Skin Tone colours

Skin tone colours are also another group that hot and trending right now alongside the earth tone colours. We cannot wait to see what you would like done!

Skin Tone Colours Acrylic

We don’t always list our full colour range with every online product we sell. There are just way too many to list! However if you are something in a colour that’s not listed or if you have a new design or idea, then hit us up! 

We will gladly help you in any way we can!