Distant Healing Travel Mat | Reiki | Chakra Healing

A simple yet wonderful tool for the Reiki practitioner!


This Energy Healing Reiki Mat is a gorgeous travel pack energy healing tool. It’s made from thick recycled material and engraved with our design. Create a sacred space for your client or energy work anywhere you want. These are super handy distant healing travel mats. Just roll it up and carry it in your bag and where ever you may go. Great idea if you are after something light and just starting to build your collection of spiritual equipment.

These distant healing travel mats make a great gift for your Reiki practitioner or event as a piece of art for your blank wall.

Use this Reiki Board for Distance Healing and for Chakra work and balancing, soul readings, dousing or just energy grids for clients or yourself.

The designed is laser engraved onto calico material and the edges are sewn by us.

Accessories and other objects in image are not included, only the distant healing reiki calico bag.

They feature the following energy centres on this Travel Pack Calico Bag:
The 7 In-Body Chakras
– Crown
– Third Eye
– Throat
– Heart
– Solar Plexus
– Sacral
– Root

Approx. 30 x 40cm

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Additional information

Weight.300 kg
Dimensions25 × 33 × 5 cm


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